Unshorten tiny URLs

… and clean them, if necessary.

Supported services: a.sgdf.fr, amzn.to, bbc.in, bddy.me, bit.ly, buff.ly, chng.it, dlvr.it, ebx.sh, fave.co, fb.me, frama.link, frphn.co, sr.gdprvalidate.de, go.onelink.me, goo.gl, h2fr.fr, huit.re, ift.tt, is.gd, kck.st, lego.build, lemde.fr, l.facebook.com, lnkd.in, linktr.ee, lstu.fr, mitsha.re, mzl.la, ow.ly, po.st, my.sociabble.com, spoti.fi, t.co, tinyurl.com, trib.al, u.afp.com, ur1.ca, vdn.lv, wp.me, zurl.co

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